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Wicked….Ant killers.


Today…I feel the pain.
Of that new mother who has
Been told her breast milk is sour.
And now she has to feed baby
Pap and all manners
I see her tears.
I feel her anguish.

And to all….
Mama yards and potential mama yards
Mothers and potential mothers
Mothers in-law and potential mothers in-law.
That are reading…..

You have or may be part of the panel
That supervised or would supervise
The drowning of an Ant
To check if breast milk is sour.
Wicked Ant killers.

I think you should know
Breast milk does not get sour
And cannot go sour
While in the breast.

The breast is like a factory
Producing per second per second
So the products are fresh always
And not like a warehouse where milk
Is stored and begins to age by the minute.

So even if a mother has been away
And returns ….And breast feeds
It’s fresh milk….like freshly made.

But think of it.
That Ant used for the test
May have had
Ant-malaria or Ant-Typhoid fever
Or even Ant-Covid19
And was heading
To the isolation centre
When it was captured.

So that it died…could have
Been from a million and one things.
And not because

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