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We need wisdom


Today we shall pray for wisdom
Wisdom is the principal thing
In addition wisdom the scriptures say
Is profitable to direct.

So why the quest for wisdom?
Like you most likely know
Most churches would begin
Their new year fasting programme tomorrow.
And people definitely need wisdom.

I think people should know that …..
Fasting is scriptural
Fasting is a spiritual exercise
And not a test of stamina
And not a test of ability to starve
Nor a competition in spiritual gragra

So listen up people
Assess your capacity
Assess the grace you carry
Assess your health status
Before you pick a fasting schedule

Jesus fasted for 40days
But not in competition with anyone
Not also to show off
But on account of the work ahead.

So brethren, let us pray !
For wisdom and with it understanding!

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