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Umbilical Granuloma.


Let’s talk about Umbilical granuloma
Yes. . . big grammar.
But truth is that you have seen one.
Too many are occuring lately .

In the womb
The umbilical cord functions as a channel
That allows blood flow between
The placenta and the baby.
At birth it is cut leaving the stump.

Umbilical granuloma
Is a moist, red lump of tissue
That forms on a baby’s navel.
Often seen in the first few weeks of life.

Exact causes are not be known.
But may result from extra moisture
Around the stump.
Risk is also increased when the stump Takes a longer time to drop off.

Helpful actions include
Changing diapers frequently.
Rolling the top of the diaper down
At the front, so that it sits under the navel.
Giving baby a sponge bath
Instead of soaking in the bath bowl.

Treatment options include
Application of silver nitrate to shrink it.
Use of surgical thread to tie off
The granuloma at its base as this
Cuts off the blood supply.

But then
These should be done
Strictly by trained professionals.

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