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Tongue Tie Wahala.


Baby came home yesterday
And was given a bath by grandma.
And she noticed something.
In consultation with Mama Yard
They made the diagnosis
Baby has Tongue tie.

And it must be cut immediately.
Or else…..
Baby will not be able to suck well.
Baby will not cry well.
And baby would not be able to talk.

And the local tongue surgeon
Is invited.
And chakkam…..
The frenulum and part of tongue cut.
And the bleeding begins
Try as much as they could
And the bleeding just refused to stop.

Common sense prevails
In the midst of the panic
And they take baby to the hospital.
Blood transfusion is needed.
Antibiotics needed.
And surgical reconstruction
Of the tongue and blood vessels done.

Real Tongue tie does happen
But in very few children.
Cutting it is ‘not a do it at home’ thing
It should be in hospital by an expert .

I think you should be reminded.
Wisdom the Bible says
Is profitable to direct.

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