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Thumb sucking in children.


So your child sucks
The thumb or the middle finger.
And you have done so much to stop it.

Covering the thumb with plaster.
Putting on gloves.
Applying bitter leaf.
Star mummy…clap for yourself .
But did it really work?

Thumb sucking is a common habit among children.
Many stop sucking on their own.
But might start again during times of stress.
Ooops…you don’t know they suffer stress?

But then if it continues
Beyond age 5 then it should be addressed.
Because amongst others
It can create dental problems.

So what can you do?
If your child sucks in response to stress identify the real issue and solve it.
As the child makes efforts to stop
Offer encouragement and provide small rewards.
Try not to scold, criticize or ridicule.

And remember
That your cane is not the solution to every issue.

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  1. My first child sucked till her 8th birthday and on her own she stopped. After all I did. It wasn’t a child’s play
    Doc you are doing a great job

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