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This thing called Pneumonia.


Shot of a volunteer doctor giving checkups to underprivileged kids

According to Mama Yard
Cold causes Pneumonia.
And Nigerian children have suffered.
In the name of preventing pneumonia.
Mother’s have been covering them like Eskimos since Nineteen kiridim.

Mothers should know.
Pneumonia is an infection in one or both lungs.
Bacteria, viruses, and fungi can cause it.

Pneumonia is easily preventable
Pneumonia is treatable.
But sha you need to know
Factors that increase the risk.

Indoor air pollution caused by cooking
With firewood or a smokey stove.
Living in over crowded homes.
Parents that smoke .
Hmm…just forget what they smoke.
Smoking is smoking .

Can you reduce the risk of picking up Pneumonia?
Yes na……absolutely.

The ways amongst others include
Good nutrition for the child which starts
With Exclusive breast feeding .
Appropriate and timely Immunization.
Reducing air pollution.

So when next you wrap up your child
As in…..to prevent pneumonia
Just change your surname to Bush or Offia
Like Appolonia Anyanwu
Appolonia Bush or Appolonia Offia.

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