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The Awesome Two


On this job you learn plenty.
Often things not taught in med school.
Like this….
If there are kids in the house
Then be sure that one of
The awesome two or both
Are regulars in that house.

You don’t know the awesome two?
Cool down.
In Fela’s voice…..I go tell you .
Crude oil and Palm kernel oil.

Ok Crude oil…advance to be recognised.
Forget your chemistry class.
Forget your chemistry teacher.
He or she lied.
Crude oil has spiritual powers.
Cures fever and convulsion
And jazz from village people.

Palm kernel oil….multi purpose drug
Cures fever, convulsion and poisons.
Essential oil for the Anterior fontanelle.
You know na.
It prevents air from entering
The child’s brain and causing Wahala.

If you…
Believe this
Or has ever believed it.
Or has ever practised any of these.

Just send back every
Academic certificate you have
To the school or issuing authority
With profuse apologies.

The only one you should have
Is your birth certificate.
That way . … We would have evidence
You were born
And not a random mutation.

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