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Suffering and Smiling.


Remember Fela Anikulapo?
The music mastro
Who wrote masterpieces and prophesied
Under the influence of THC.
Short for Tetrahydrocannabinol.

In 1978 Fela release the blockbuster
Suffering and smiling.
And truly that’s the lots
Of several new born babies.

Let’s look at one group.
Babies born with enlarged breasts.
Fela obviously had them in mind.
Because truly they are suffering and smiling.

Parents press, squeeze and massage
The breasts to flatten them.
Occationally they press hard
To squeeze out breast milk.

I think you should know
It’s normal for newborn babies
To have swollen and enlarged breasts. Which are often painless and not harmful

They are usually due to exposure to Maternal hormones in the womb.
The same hormones that cause
The mother’s breasts to increase
In size and produce milk.

Simply just leave these babies
And their enlarged breasts.
Las-las they would flatten.
Squeezing and massaging them
Could cause infections .

And antibiotics may then be needed
Occationally pus may have to
Be drained through a surgical incision.

So until parents learn to leave
These enlarged breasts alone
These babies would just be
Suffering and smiling.

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