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Spare that NEWBORN!


We often say
Naija no dey carry last.
For sure…..I agree
But sha….we often do some things.
Funny though …. but maybe harmful

Like a newborn comes home
Everyone wants to carry baby
With hands that have been to places and back.
Hands that were last washed hours ago.

Everyone wants to snuggle baby
On to clothes from the streets.
May be dirty .
Brimming with germs .
And heavily perfumed .

Everyone wants to kiss baby.
With mouth loaded with pathologic ‘James and John’.
And nostrils heavily colonised by Staph Aureus.

Can’t we just from afar
Behave sophisticated.
And just coo…
Tata ah and lala.
And wave at baby
With right hand curved
In a shakara manner.

Don’t tell me
It is cultural to carry baby.
Okay …do you still live
In a mud house with thatched roof?
And drink water from an earthenware pot.
They are cultural too…..abi?

But then Uncle/ Aunty Cultural .
Let me ask you.
If you don’t carry and kiss baby
Would the heavens fall?
Obviously….. it would not !.

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