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Skin Toning a Baby.


Today Iam feeling kind of pissed.
Do pardon me…this one time
I tried making it light but it’s tough.
Tina Turner asked
What’s love got to do with it?
But Iam asking
What’s skin colour for to to with it?

Naija mothers …please answer.
What’s it with skin toning a baby?
Yes a baby…..you heard me right.
And sadly it’s on the increase .

This is IBERIBERISM at its best

In Ghana, pregnant women sadly
Are taking Glutathione pills.
Believing that it would lighten
the skin of their unborn child.
Not sure Nigerian women do that.

Rather here…..
A mixture of creams are used.
Forget the ajebutter baby care products.
Forget the time tested local ones.
They have all been retired.
Now the koko is a combination of toning agents.

The medical complications
Are like day or night
Because they would come for sure.

The earliest are
Recurrent fungal and bacterial skin infections.
Exogenous Ochronosis.
This is a blue-black colouration of the skin.

Then longer term….
Increased risk for
Diabetes mellitus
Skin cancers.

So you see there was no mistake
In your child’s skin colour.
Leave it that way.

Like they say…advice no bi curse

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