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Paradise Lost!


Some days at work
Can be really tasking.

A child gets sexually abused
And parents would go hush-hush.!
Don’t talk about it….
You don’t want her to marry?

And when they come to hospital.
Usually after a few days and late.
Nearly all evidence is gone.

Infection may have set in
And intervention for HIV prevention Becomes a game of chance.
Too much time interval between
The deed and time drug is started.

You want to follow up.
They won’t come.
You call the number given.
Wrong number…. Or non existent
You check the address.
No street like that.

The outcome?
The predator remains hidden
To do more evil.
To destroy more destines
And the pedophile continues in
His ministry of sorrow and destruction.

And you nearly come to tears
For the parents, for society
And most importantly for the child.

And you remember the epic
Paradise Lost .

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