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  In the past When you talked about malnutrition. The picture was that of a child that had lost so much weight But things are changing We are now seeing the other extreme. And that's Obesity Obesity is a complex disease involving an excessive amount of body fat.​ Prevalence amongst children in Nigeria ranges from 3.7% to 5.1% But....it is rising by the day. Childhood obesity can profoundly affect Physical health Social and emotional well-being And importantly self esteem. The most common causes are Genetic factors Lack of physical activity Unhealthy eating habit. In rare cases hormonal issues. Obese children have increased risk for Cardiovascular diseases Diabetes Osteoarthritis Later in life. Way forward Healthy meals and less junks Encourage good water intake Healthy Snacks Physical Activities Limit time spent on video games and TV Las-las....my pickin fat well-well May no longer be a thing of pride. ©Oga Mekus. Top of Form PNEUMONIA November 12th is World Pneumonia day. And Nigerian children have suffered. In the name of preventing pneumonia Mother's have been covering them like Eskimos since Nineteen kiridim. Mothers should know Pneumonia is an infection in one or both lungs. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi can cause it. Pneumonia is easily preventable Pneumonia is treatable. But sha you need to know Factors that increase the risk Indoor air pollution caused by cooking With firewood or a smokey stove. Living in over crowded homes Parents that smoke Hmm...just forget what they smoke Smoking is smoking Can you reduce the risk of picking up Pneumonia? Yes na......absolutely. The ways amongst others include Good nutrition for the child which starts With Exclusive breast feeding . Appropriate and timely Immunization. Reducing air pollution. So when next you wrap up your child As in.....to prevent pneumonia Just change your surname to Bush or Offia Like Appolonia Anyanwu To Appolonia Bush or Appolonia Offia. © Oga Mekus   NIGERIAN PARENTS AND TEETHING IN THEIR CHILDREN Nigerian parents self They make the simple process of teething Complex. A child gets born with teeth Medically called Natal teeth It is trouble Village people have come. A child grows the upper incisors first Another trouble Demonic spirits are at work. Or house hold enemies . The lower incisors delay in coming out And yawa will gas All kinds of medications are thrown in They must come out by 'fire by force' Then during teething proper Teething mixtures Herbal mixtures Teething powders All with unproven actions And maybe harmful effects Take centre stage . The milk teeth falls And it has to be flushed down the toilet Or thrown into the Pit toilet Or else village people can do things with 'it' When it comes to teething Children have really suffered And sadly They can't complain. ©Oga Mekus.
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