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Holiday heart syndrome


The holiday season is upon us
And with it
Free food and booze
Party after party
But kasala could be lurking

I think you should know about
Holiday heart syndrome.
It is characterized by a fluttering in the chest.
And Irregular heart rhythm.
In simple terms….
The heart would just go gaga

The major causative factors are
Heavy Alcohol intake
Salty foods
Excessive caffeine intake
Stress and overeating

How do you prevent it ?
Drink in moderation
Drink enough water.
Limit your intake of salty and sugary food

And remember that truly
Awoof fit run belly.

©Oga mekus.

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  1. Oga Mekus, how do I read your posts like before without having to log on your blog? I am not internet/technology savvy.

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