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Hand glove fashionistas.


Latex hand gloves have left
The hospitals and entered the street
In the name of Covid-19 prevention.
Nothing spoil Sha
But for our hand glove fashionistas
Cool down small oh.

Not only do you look
Strange, weird and funny
You obviously just dey denge.
Hard words but sorry .

Wearing gloves can give you
A false sense of security.
But I think you should know
Corona virus sticks well to
Latex and other types of gloves.

And if you touch your face at any point
Na wahala be that
Yawa can gas

In addition
Many people do not know the proper way
To take off gloves and can contaminate their hands when doing it.
End result…exposure to Covid-19.

So if you are on this table
And forming cool by wearing gloves
Just remember that Fela’s song
‘Teacher don’t teach me nonsense.’

Hand washing
Social distancing
Use of Sanitizers
Appropriate use of face masks
Are still the koko.

Latex gloves are for those
Who provide care for patients
And have skills in wearing and removing it.

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