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For the new mother(2)


Let’s talk about your baby’s stool
Because very soon Mama yard
Would come with her lectures
On stool colour , smell and texture.

Your baby must have passed meconium.
This is a newborn’s first stool
Usually sticky, thick and dark green
Often made up of cells
Protein, fats and bile.

Breastfed baby’s stool is usually
Yellow or slightly greenish in colour.
Often seedy and pasty in texture
Like equsi soup without vegetables.

Formula-fed babies have pasty stools
Looking like ground peanut butter.
Remember that paste people
Eat Kolanuts with at ceremonies?
It may also be yellow-brown or green-brown.

Mother’s often complain
When baby stops stooling daily
This more common in breastfed babies.
Nothing to worry about.

Breast milk is so well balanced
And in sync with baby’s digestive system
That there is little or nothing to poo.

Ok oh…. wishing you good luck
In your debate about stool colour
And what to give to make it ‘normal’
Either with your mum , mother in law
Or the ever present Mama Yard.

Sorry Sha if all three are on the panel.
Udoo…in Phyno’s voice.

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