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For the new mother (1)


Congratulations on your new baby
Especially at this ‘coronised’ time.
Any names yet ?
If yes…is it coro compliant ?
Coroabuchi, coronkwa or corodele
Whatever ….welcome back home.

So hope you gave colostrum?
Or did mama yard make you discard it.
Great pity if you did.
Hope you are also breastfeeding only?
Yes..a human being needs water.
But I think you should know
There is enough in breast milk.

Hope you did not give
Anything to cleanse the stomach
Before you gave breast milk?
Like glucose water?
Like bitter cola water ?
Like utazi in water ?
Absolutely unnecessary.

How do you sit to breastfeed?
Are you having back ache?
If yes..then your sitting position is wrong
Does your baby make noise
While sucking?…if yes
Baby’s mouth is probably not
Well attached to your breast.

So baby is taking in more
Air than breastmilk
That air is what makes the noise.
And soon you may have sore nipples.

Well..we would talk some more
But good wishes to your baby
May he/she excel mightily in life.

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