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Every one has an odour
And we are defined by it
It announces us
Sticks to us
Like a protocol officer.

For many..
Theirs is neutral
Neither awesome nor terrible
But for some others
It’s like armagadoom unleashed

They walk into a place
And the smell speaks
And conditions the environment
Remember the joke?
‘Open the window and let the climate came in’

When they enter a place
It’s like the ‘climate came’ in
Northeasterly winds chasing
Southwesterly ones
Sorry if you didn’t do Geography
You missed.

So what’s the way forward my friend
Shower with Antibacterial Soap
Use Antiperspirants or Deodorants
Watch your Diet
Ensure good hygiene
And Las-Las use perfumes

But hmmmm…
Not that long smelling one
Yes smelling😀😀😀😀
One hawked by brothers on the street.
If you know…you know.

©Oga Mekus.

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