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Emergency code on phone


This is the season of travels
And Nigerians can travel for African
So in the next couple of weeks
People would be in unusual places

Where they may not be too known
Far away from those
Who know their medical history .
Far away from familial tuff

And while we don’t pray for it
Accidents may happen
Or medical emergencies may occur
And their mobile phone is around
But helpers and responders
Are unable to contact their relatives
Because their phones have passwords.

Yes I understand.
The need to lock your phone .
But then there has to be a way out

And there is.
When your phone is locked
It normally shows enter password
Not so?
Under it you will see ’emergency’
Click on ’emergency’
You will see ’emergency information’……
Click on the ’emergency information'(2times), You will see a pencil icon by your right
Click on it….
Then enter the contacts you want
To save as ’emergency’ contacts.

Enter information about yourself too
So in the event of an emergency
When helpers or responders click
On the ‘Emergency status’ on your phone
The contact details you entered would be seen
And help given or sought.

But your phone still remains
Keeping your privates private
So go ahead. …..
And do the needful.
©Oga Mekus.

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