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Egungun be careful!


Remember that song by
Zlatan and obesere
‘Egungun be careful’?
We are at that level now.

You know na. ..
In the last couple of days
Face masks have become the koko.
All colours, all shapes and all configurations.
Some of them are actually ‘masks of face’
And not face masks.
But nothing spoil …all na
Mask and face or face and mask.

But I think you should know
Cloth face masks are not
Recommended for children
Under the age of 2 years.

Face masks increase the risk
Of choking and strangulation.
In addition it can cause suffocation.

Often too…face masks
May make them touch
Their face more frequently
Defeating the original aim
Of preventing Covid-19.

You know na..
Children will be children.
Your best bet would be to keep
Then at home now.
And when it is important
That you must take them out
Observe social distancing.
And be liberal with hand sanitizer.

Please do not allow face mask
To cause Egungun to enter express.
Motor go jam am.

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