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Diarrhoea chronicles (2)


When you hear coconut water
What comes to your mind?
Or should we ask Mama Yard?
Not to worry ….her answer is obvious.

For Mama yard
Coconut water is
An antidote to all known
And yet unknown poisons.
And also certified treatment
For both real and imagined drug overdose

But I think you should know
Coconut water is 94% water .
Very rich in potassium.
And has a high glucose content.

Remember …the child having diarrhoea
Fluid and can get dehydrated.
Agreeing to eat little or nothing.
Losses electrolytes especially potassium.

So you see, the composition
Of coconut water especially
From the coconut that is green
Makes an ideal home use ORS.
Especially for those who
Live where coconut abounds.

But note that Coconut water
Is low in sodium, chloride and bicarbonate.
So it should be used
Just as a stop gap
While professional help
Is sought for the child.

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