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Becoming a Man.


Becoming a man.

I bet you may not have heard
The term Gynecomastia
But Iam sure you most likely
Have seen it in your male children
Aged 10 to 14years.

It is simply enlargement of the breast.
I can bet it scared you silly.
And several scary and frightening
Thoughts must have
Passed through your mind.

Well it is only natural and not unexpected.
But cool down
Nothing gwan…..apologies Ras kimono.

In early puberty.
Up to two-thirds of boys will develop Gynecomastia.
In some cases it may be mild
And go unnoticed.

Very large ones may be painful
And milk like fluid can be squeezed out.
But then it soon eases
And returns to normal size.

So mothers take a chill pill.
Nothing dey happen.
But if the size becomes massive
Or the pain becomes intense
You may need to have your doctor
Check out the child.

Your little boy is becoming a man.

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