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Medical humourist and Satirist

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About OgaMekus

OgaMekus is an online platform that enables you to make the transition to education by sharing health information for people around the world to grow and learn.

What we do at Ogamekus

This medical information helps to facilitate people’s efforts to exchange ideas and to prepare for the future. They include tips on health, child care, nursing mothers, and worldwide prayers. On Ogamekus.com, through interviews, photographs, and videos, we dedicate ourselves to record the achievements and perspectives of individuals and groups. Please find the Ogamekus Privacy Policy.

Ogamekus Mission statement.

Ever so often medical issues are loaded with too many high sounding words that the reading public would hardly get the benefit a intended. Ogamekus has decided, Discuss and write in manner that even the most lay of persons would make sense of complex medical issues . This he intends to achieve by crouching medical issues in humour and satire without losing the all important message .

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